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The very idea of going to the hospital is quite stressful for most people. The actual visit tends to make that anxiety even more pronounced. It will be impossible to prevent anyone in a hospital setting from never experiencing this sort of concern, but these institutions can definitely do a better job on their end to help alleviate client fear.

Better Emergency Room Services

This is the part of the hospital people access the most often in their lives and it tends to be quite busy. However, that congestion means that communication frequently suffers. If there are not enough beds, then patients will have to sit while waiting for treatment or lie on gurneys backed up in the hallway. This is hardly appropriate, especially when clients have issues that require rest and relaxation. You won’t be getting either of those in an emergency department. More doctors and staff must also be available as needed to help with delays and back-up.

Better Room Maintenance

Depending upon the patient’s issue, they need the equipment in their room to be functioning properly at all times. Staff must be available to check, repair, or replace such devices as needed. Rooms must also be kept clean and sanitary, and all staff and visitors must observe posted procedures regarding the wearing of masks, gowns, and gloves.

Better Communication

We mentioned improved communication in the emergency room; this courtesy also must extend to those who have been admitted to the facility. Nurses and doctors must communicate fully and clearly all of the details regarding a patient’s current state and the steps being taken to make them feel better. They should verify that these details are fully understood by the patient or their representative. Hospital staff must also take the time to answer any relevant questions posed to them.


A happy workplace is one where things get done on time and correctly. Mutual respect is important, no matter what your occupation. Often that starts with you. Knowing that it is your responsibility, as much as anyone else, to maintain such a harmonious environment can help ensure that it continues. You’re a team and everyone must be their part to bring about mutual success.

Here are two things to keep in mind:

Think about others and their situation

Remember in childhood when your mother told you, “treat others the way you would want to be treated”? Well, that old adage still holds true in adulthood. Before you get mad at a colleague and belittle them, consider their situation. Chances are, there is a good reason why they fell short of reaching their goal or fulfilling their end of an assignment. If you were in their shoes, you would want someone to give you the benefit of the doubt before sounding off, so do the same for them. When you go this route, it not only maintains the workplace symmetry, but can also help to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

No bullies allowed

Some supervisors believe in using force of personality to “keep everyone in line.” The problem with that approach is quite obvious: who honestly respects a bully? You might fear them and do what it takes to keep them off of your back, but you don’t want to spend any more time than possible with them. That is not a relationship conducive to collaboration or doing your best work.

The best approach is to maintain a chain of command, but listen, be open to change, and treat everyone with the same degree of respect and consideration. Everyone should have a voice and not be afraid to use it.


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In a year where several retail mainstays have closed their doors or sought bankruptcy protection, it is still difficult to fully process today’s news. A few hours back, it was announced that Sears Canada would be closing its remaining stores. The company had sought bankruptcy protection a few months back and shuttered 59 locations at that time. The plan was to come up with a solution that would keep the company solvent and those remaining stores in business.

Unfortunately, it looks like that will not be the case. The closure announcement is especially sad for the 12,000 employees who are remaining after the previous round of closures and layoffs. The retail landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years and it is clear we are not done yet. When a giant like Sears Canada can no longer make a go of it, you know things have really turned a corner.

You may have experienced this feeling a few years back when Eaton’s, another Canadian retail behemoth, met a similar fate and closed its doors. These major companies were such an ingrained factor of shopping in Canada, it is difficult to imagine that they are now both gone.

Shopping malls have also been suffering in the past few years. Several took a big hit a couple years back when Target Canada closed its doors, leaving several large retail spaces unoccupied. Sears is the anchor store at several Canadian malls, so this nightmare will be repeating itself all over again for the owners of these particular shopping malls.

In about 10 days time, the remaining Sears outlets will begin to liquidate their stock. This will continue on likely until the end of the year. So, on the plus side, if you are looking for a bargain on Christmas presents, you may not have to look too hard.


Can you believe that it is almost Thanksgiving? If you live in southern Ontario, you would not think so from the incredibly hot and humid weather we are having at the end of September. But yes, the last long weekend of the year is almost upon us. It is a great time to rest and relax, but if you would like to spend that extra day in a more practical way, here are some suggestions:

Get some extra exercise

The weather is looking very promising for this Thanksgiving long weekend in southern Ontario, so why not do something outside? Go for a run, play catch, play some pick up road hockey, kick a ball around the soccer field in the park, etc. Look at it this way: you will be helping to work off the extra pounds you will put on from the turkey and pumpkin pie.

Read that novel you got for Christmas

Do not have any plans with friends and family? Why not spend the weekend in the most relaxing manner possible: read a good book. You probably have some books left over that you have not yet cracked the spine on. Here is your chance!

Visit your local friends

People automatically default to traveling on the holidays, but maybe that is not in the cards for you this year. Why not give your local friends a call instead? Sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget the friends we have nearby. They’re probably off, too, and may well be looking for something to do. Pick up the phone!

Spend quality time with your children

We are all so busy with life, everything seems to suffer, including the amount of time we spend with our families. Take the chance to do something really special with your children. Make a whole day of it.


Being successful in life can often be the result of maintaining a successful balancing act. On the one hand, you do not want to be lying around doing nothing as laziness benefits no one other than house cats. On the other hand, overdoing it is bad for both mind and body no matter what your age and physical health.

So the best course of action is to find the right balance. And it is worth the time to figure that out because productivity is actually good for you.

It is a great way to learn new things

If you are in the habit of being productive, chances are you are more open to trying new things. This can open up a whole new world of learning possibilities for you, increasing your skills in both life and the workplace.

It keeps your brain healthy

Learning all of those new things helps to keep your brain active and that is good for its overall health. Many scientific studies show that one of the keys to staving off dementia is maintaining a schedule of activities that are stimulating and challenging. In other words, use it or lose it.

It can help your career

A lot of people are content to do the bare minimum in their jobs. That may be enough to keep them employed, but it certainly does little for their chances of advancement. Being productive or even increasing your department’s productivity will certainly get you noticed by the supervisor and that is very beneficial for your chances to get ahead at work.

You will enjoy your vacations even more

If you are busy and productive in life and on the job, there is a very good chance that you will enjoy your vacations even more because you will be up-to-date and have nothing to worry about while you are enjoying the fun and sun.



No matter what type of writing you do, the words do not always flow freely. Sometimes you find yourself staring at the keyboard not knowing where to even start on a project. Don’t worry, you’re not alone: this happens to all writers at one time or another. Because it is such a common occurrence, there are many strategies in place to try and beat writer’s block; here are a few:

Step Away for a While

Close the laptop, shut down the computer, put the typewriter in the closet, throw out your pencil. Sometimes you just need to take a vacation from writing, plain and simple. How long will be determined by you and you alone.

Change Your Schedule

If you write at a certain time of day, try changing things up. Writing at the crack of dawn? Try midday instead. Working at night and not getting anywhere? Switch to earlier in the day.

Change Your Instrument

Used to writing longhand on a yellow legal pad? It might be time to finally get that word processing program. Been using a computer for years? Maybe it’s time to go back to paper.

Such changes don’t have to be permanent. Just long enough for you to get back on track.

Try a New Space

Do you usually write in coffee shops? Try wordsmithing at home instead. Need to work at home but getting nowhere in your den? Move to another room and see how that works out.

Write About Something Else

This won’t work if you write for a living, but you can consider a change in subject. We all eventually reach a point where there is nothing left to be said about a given subject and we just need to move on to something else; you might be there. Consider a new avenue altogether.