Getting Old isn’t Great, but It Can Save You Money

I recently found myself a bit depressed after a trip to my local multiplex. I was going to see WONDER WOMAN and went to the ticket counter. “One, please,” I told the employee at the till. “OK, one senior!” she replied.

I was taken aback. Yes, at 65 years old, I am a senior, but it remains a bit of a blow to the ego. However, that pain lessened when I realized that this senior ticket was saving me a good amount of money.

Being new to this whole senior citizen thing, I forget just how much my advancing years can yield in terms of discounts. As a single retiree on a fixed income, that is very important. As an elderly person, health issues could arise that my government coverage does not fully address. Also, we have to deal with the same increases in things like rent, utilities, and food, so it always pays to play it safe and do some research. It doesn’t take much time and you won’t regret it.

Here are just a few of the many things seniors can save money on in Canada:

The following services offer senior discounts: the TTC, Via Rail, Greyhound (which starts at 62, rather than 65), GO Transit (50% off), and public transportation in big cities like Calgary, Winnipeg, and Halifax.

5% off at Hilton Hotels, 10% off at Best Western, Choice Hotels, and 15% off at Marriott. Other chains like Fairmount, Travelodge, and Howard Johnson also offer discounts. Call for ages and specific details.

Chain Restaurants
Mandarin (20% off for 65+), Imperial Buffet (35% off Monday to Thursday and lunch on Friday, and Golden Griddle (10%), the latter two starting at 55.

Some other establishments also have senior discounts, but don’t advertise them, so don’t be afraid to ask. And make sure you have that government ID with you in case you get carded!