How to Get the Best Values at Your Dollar Store

For people on a tight budget, dollar stores have been a godsend. No, not everything there is worth even that low price, but if you are having trouble staying on budget, a trip to Dollarama or Dollar Tree can help make ends meet.

Not sure what you should or should not get at the dollar store? Here are some items you can feel safe grabbing there:

Plates and Mugs. If you are just in the market for basic, functional dining room plates and cups, the offerings at the dollar store should fit the bill. Exam each piece to make sure that it is molded properly and does not have any obvious imperfections.

Plastic Kitchen Containers. Speaking of food, dollar stores usually offer a multitude of plastic containers for food storage that are safe and worth the small investment. However, do not put these in the microwave as the heat will cause chemicals to leech out of the plastic and into your food.

Wash Clothes and Towels. Some of the colours might be a bit on the garish side, but these are usually fine and will suit your needs. However, we would advise not washing them with whites as the dyes sometimes run.

Party Supplies. You won’t find anything for that party you planned to impress the boss, but if you are in the market for kiddie party frills, the dollar store has them by the ton. They’re fun, they’re garish, and they’re so cheap, you won’t mind when they inevitably get destroyed.

Junk Food. Chocolate bars, chips, candy…you will find them all here and often a lot cheaper that what you would pay at the corner store. However, you might see some odd brands that sound like a major candy bar, but are slightly different. In any event, if Halloween is coming up, getting your treats here will save you a lot of money. Check the expiration dates before you buy.

Michael Barera [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons