How to Save Money on Clothes

There are certain necessities in life you cannot do without. Unless you plan to spend your life working in a nudist colony, you must devote at least a portion of your income to clothes. However, if you are on a tight budget, there are effective ways to meet your clothing needs for home and work without ending up in the poor house.

Here are some ways that you can save money on clothes:

  • Sales. Seems obvious, right? However, most of us are not keeping an eye out for sales. When we stumble across one, great, but you really should start devoting time to finding them. This can be done through occasional online searches or actually looking at the flyers in the mail box before you toss them.
  • Pay a bit extra for quality. Stores like Walmart offer items for noticeably lower prices than you would typically pay in a department store. However, in most cases, there is a reason for that: they are not as well made and the materials used in their creation are not as good. As a result, they will have a shorter lifespan. In the end, if you can afford the upfront cost, it is a better idea to go with a more expensive, better made item. That doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank; just consider spending say 50% more to start and compare the lifespan of that clothing vs the discount items you have tried in the past.
  • Avoid trends. Decide on your style and stick to it. Don’t let your friends or social media trends cause you to spend money on expensive clothes that do not really suit you or your budget.
  • Clean your clothes properly. As you may have found out the hard way, not all clothes can be cleaned in the same way. Be sure to follow the laundry instructions on tags. If they say that the article of clothing must be dry cleaned, then it must be dry cleaned.