I Hate Rain. Does That Make Me Weird?

One of the archetypal images of American cinema occurs during the title moment of SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN. It was a wonderful sequence in a great movie, but nothing about it makes me want to go singing and dancing in a downpour.

I have always found rain to be various degrees of depressing and annoying. Rain means no sun (unless it’s one of those deeply strange sunshowers), which equals grey and depressing in my eyes. Also, what is the allure to walking around in wet clothes? It’s uncomfortable and also just seems like a sure way to get sick.

Here are a few more reasons I can think of to hate rain:

Power Outages

Yes, these can happen without rain and storms, but they are much more likely to occur when the weather is bad. It’s not enough that you can’t do anything outside because of the rain, but now there is no power, so that means pretty much nothing to do inside either.

Wet City = Ugly

Admittedly, the countryside can look pretty after a shower, but that does not apply when it comes to the concrete jungle. Wet pavement and dripping concrete skyscrapers are not my idea of appealing, and humidity in the city seems extra harsh during the summer season.

Floods and Leaks

For those of us who prefer homes that are of the “fixer upper” vintage, rain can reveal leaks, which lead to water damage. And let’s not forget floods that flow in and wipe out the contents of your basement. Rain, rain, go away…and stay the hell out of my house!

Killer Storms

Hurricanes, monsoons, extreme thunder and lightning…where are the rain lovers when these occur? Many people have lost their lives in such events, while countless others have lost their homes.