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The summer of 2017 is now officially behind us. If you lived on the west coast of Canada, it was a scorcher with little in the way of pleasant weather. In a word? It was hot, hot, hot.

It was not really all that ideal on the East Coast either. The summer there was often unseasonably cold and you quickly learned to keep an umbrella with you at all times because a rain shower could break out at any moment.

So while the coming of Fall means that 2017 is approaching its end, there is still much to enjoy because Fall has its charms no matter where in Canada you call your home.

The beauty of Canadian autumn is known around the world. Those lush green leaves gradually give way to a rainbow of colours that is so beautiful, it seems a shame to rake them up from your lawn. If you like to go for long walks, the Mother Nature has plenty of lovely sites in store for you to go along with the exercise.

Fall is also a great time to be a kid. Who did not enjoy diving into large piles of leaves? You could also use an iron and wax paper to preserve your favourite leaves for years to come.

Perhaps the greatest gift that Fall has to offer is a more even weather forecast. No extremes of heat and cold, and no oppressive humidity to suck the life out of you while you go about your daily tasks. It is nice, moderate, room temperature level environments with the occasional nice cool breeze.

Outside of Thanksgiving and Halloween, Fall probably does not get as much love as it deserves. But it is a really wonderful time of year, no matter what your age.