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No matter what type of writing you do, the words do not always flow freely. Sometimes you find yourself staring at the keyboard not knowing where to even start on a project. Don’t worry, you’re not alone: this happens to all writers at one time or another. Because it is such a common occurrence, there are many strategies in place to try and beat writer’s block; here are a few:

Step Away for a While

Close the laptop, shut down the computer, put the typewriter in the closet, throw out your pencil. Sometimes you just need to take a vacation from writing, plain and simple. How long will be determined by you and you alone.

Change Your Schedule

If you write at a certain time of day, try changing things up. Writing at the crack of dawn? Try midday instead. Working at night and not getting anywhere? Switch to earlier in the day.

Change Your Instrument

Used to writing longhand on a yellow legal pad? It might be time to finally get that word processing program. Been using a computer for years? Maybe it’s time to go back to paper.

Such changes don’t have to be permanent. Just long enough for you to get back on track.

Try a New Space

Do you usually write in coffee shops? Try wordsmithing at home instead. Need to work at home but getting nowhere in your den? Move to another room and see how that works out.

Write About Something Else

This won’t work if you write for a living, but you can consider a change in subject. We all eventually reach a point where there is nothing left to be said about a given subject and we just need to move on to something else; you might be there. Consider a new avenue altogether.